Vacuum Degassing

VACUUM DEGASSING (VD): The purpose, of using Vacuum Degassing Process on Liquid Steel, is as following:

1· To reduce hydrogen level of the liquid metal to safer levels for FORGING.
2· Effective elimination of inclusions & to improve cleanliness of steel.
3· Homogenisation of molten metal.
4· Reduction of Sulpher, Nitrogen & Oxygen level.
Thus VD is used for improvement in quality of metal.


Bansal Alloys & Metals specializes in vacuum degassing systems for the effective removal of hydrogen, oxygen and / or carbon, based on proven technology and experience. Our tank type ladle degassers achieve low sulfur levels, remove carbon, and improve floatation of oxide inclusions, allowing them to be entrained in the slag. The vacuum can be produced by an all-steam ejector pumping system, mechanical pumps, or a combination steam ejectors and pump system.