Annealing Furnace

A solution anneal (heating to around lOSOO( followed by quenching or rapid cooling) will restore the material to its original condition, removing alloy segregation, sensitisation, and restoring ductility after cold working.


Annealing Furnace Improves the corrosion resistance, Wire drawing ability improves & due to smooth wire drawing, life of die correspondingly improves, Surface defects minimised, Reduction in Pickling time, Improvement & consistency in mechanical/metallurgical properties. This is a batch type fuel fired proven designed furnace with dedicated charging machine, automatic quench operation & fully automatic temperature control system.



The controlled heating and cooling of materials in furnaces at particular temperatures in orderto alter their properties.


A high temperature formed in most roll process in which steel or other materials are austenitized and then air cooled.


Heating to a suitable temperature, holding long enough to reduce residual stresses and then cooling slowly enough to minimize the development of new residual stresses.


Reheating a normalized ferrous alloy to suitable temperature at the necessary transformation range, holding long enough to allow transformation to take place and then cooling slowly enough to allow to minimize the development of residual stresses. This removes brittleness, increases ductility and reduces hardness.