Alloy Steel Base Rolls (Adamite)

These Rolls are alloyed with NickeL, Chromium, Mar:lganese and Molybdenum with Carbon content between 0.50% and 2.00% as well as little amount of Vanadium is also added for the improvement of better microstructure. So these are capable of a higher mechanical strength with thermal and wear resistance. These Rolls undergo a sophisticated multi-stage high temperature Heat - Treatment (Double Annealing followed by tempering cycle) to give the combination of hardness, toughness and wear resistance required for the particular application. The lower Carbon grades will have a structure consisting offerrite arid fine Pearlite which, as the Carbon content is raised, transitions to a fully Pearlitic structure and on to one containing free carbide in a matrix of fine Pearlite and even some Bainite for the highest Carbon grades. All rolls of this material are statically tangentially single poured.



Type of Rolls Typical Hardness (Shore*C)
ACS 30 28-33
ACS 33 30-35
ACS 38 35-40
ACS 43 40-45
ACS 48 45-50
ACS 52 50-55

Range of Chemical Composition
C% Mn% SI% Cr% Ni% Mo% V% S% P%
0.50 0.50 0.30 0.60 0.30 0.10 0.20 0.045 0.045
2.00 1.20 0.60 1.50 1.50 0.60 Max Max Max
Typical Physical Properties
  N/mm Tons/
Tensile Strength 400 25
Bending Strenght 850 55